Are you considering which type of ceremony suits you best? 
This decision is very personal and individual.

One thing is certain: a civil wedding is essential for the legality of your marriage. But many couples want to celebrate their love in a more intimate and private atmosphere. In this case, a church or private wedding could be an addition to your wedding day.

Here are some facts about church and symbolic weddings:


Wedding in a church/synagogue/mosque:

  • Traditional and religious way to getting married
  • Vows before God (or whatever faith community you belong to)
  •  Beautiful churches frame your fantastic day
  • Some rules or traditions must be followed
  • There are some limitations to consider when it comes to different faiths

Symbolic Wedding:

  • Selection of your personal wedding speaker (celebrant)
  • Private and intimate way to get married
  • High flexibility, e.g. indoors or outdoors, abroad,…
  • Combination of languages, different cultures and traditions is possible without any problems
  • No legal documents will be requested
  • It is not a legally recognized marriage

What type of wedding will you choose? Follow your heart to answer this question.

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